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Video Analysis & Stroke Correction 

Is your child struggling to breathe or training harder and not getting faster?

Annie is one of the UK's top freestyle/front crawl technique perfectionists! She uses advanced Video Analysis and Stroke Correction for swimmers for all ability levels, whether your child is just starting out or aiming for the podium.  She'll point out the great areas of their stroke and what they need to work on in a step by step way, tailoring the session to their unique stroke faults and understanding...    It will truly revolutionise their swimming!

Video Analysis

For more serious swimmers

This is the quickest and most cost effective way to improve. They'll see their stroke faults from a range of different angles above and below the water, have their stroke compared to elite athletes and have a much better idea of what they should be doing after the immediate stroke correction. Annie has helped literally hundreds of swimmers improve their swimming speed dramatically and quickly this way over the past 15 years.

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Video analysis angles.png
What it entails

Often swimmers are talented but their stroke needs work to improve further. We’ll identify your child's great stroke elements and the individual faults they need to work on, whether it's holding their breath, arm crossovers, sinky legs, inefficient catch mechanics, overkicking or overgliding.  

We use a high quality HD underwater camera to film from a range of different angles above and below the water. Video analysis is a superb way to identify key areas to improve stroke efficiency and speed.


You'll take home a recorded analysis you can watch at home again to help it all sink in, observations from the session and drills to use, as well as access to our drill video library to help with their training.

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