Swim School

We believe every child should love swimming and be safe in the water. Our experienced, enthusiastic teachers will help your child develop skills to save their own life as well as develop new skills and strokes in a fun, supportive environment.


Our focus is on quality not quantity. We make sure that children progress quickly, through our small group sizes (maximum 5-6 children in stages 0 and 1). Small group sizes help us to give individual attention and continually assess each child's progress. When you child is ready to move up to the next stage, they will do so as soon as a space becomes available.  Similarly, if your child is in a class that is too difficult, we would move them to the appropriate stage, so that we can help them to develop their skills effectively.  

Our lessons are suitable for children aged 4+ and are held at Milton Hill House and Abingdon School. From January 2023 our programme will resume at the Kingfisher School in Abingdon.


We also run very popular Baby & Pre-School Group Lessons for children aged 3 months to 4 years.

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30 Minute Lessons

National Standards

We use the Swim England Stages, with a keen emphasis early on having fun and helping your child to be able to save their own life.


We aim to improve your child's confidence quickly and progress your child to the next class as soon as they achieve the required competency. We provide feedback on their progress via your parent portal so you can see how they're getting on and areas they could improve, all while being fun and enjoyable.

Before booking, please use our handy Parent Questionnaire to assess which stage your child should join our programme.

Term Time Lessons

Monthly Payment

Our lessons are on Monday and Tuesday after school and Sunday mornings every school week, in line with the South Oxfordshire School Term dates. 


Lessons cost £15 per lesson, which will be taken automatically on the 1st of each month for the number of lessons running in that month.

You can cancel at any time giving us four weeks notice. We take payment of your last four weeks lessons (£60) when you sign up, so once you cancel you will not be charged anything else and can attend the remaining four lessons. We think this is more fair and affordable than paying ahead for a whole term!

This includes a swim hat and all award badges and certificates.

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Kiddie Pool Fun
Class Full or Unavailable?

Join our waiting list

As our lessons are very highly rated our classes are nearly always full and you may need to wait a few weeks for a space to become available to join our swim school. We progress children quickly through our programme so spaces do open up frequently, so please do join the waiting list and you'll automatically be notified when a space in that stage becomes available. You don't have to pay anything to join the waiting list.

Can't wait that long?! You might like to get started with a 1:1 swimming lesson until a space becomes available.