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Step by Step Sign Up Instructions

How do I book swimming lessons for my child?

Online booking system


We use an online booking system called TeamUp here at TSS which makes things quick and easy for you to book your child/ren onto our swimming lessons. We have created some simple steps to follow, with associated screenshots, to guide you through the process. Don’t worry though, if you encounter any difficulties, we are available to help by email or you can phone us.

To create your account and book swimming lessons for your child/children, follow these handy steps:

Create an account 

Screenshot 1: Signing up a dependent

Screenshot 2: Adding your child

Step 1: Create an account for your child/children

1. Click on the 'create an account' button below which takes you through to the TSS TeamUp booking system.

2. Click on ‘memberships.'

3. You will be asked if you are signing up a child/ dependent. Select yes. (See screenshot 1).

4. Enter your child’s details and click save.

(See screenshot 2)

5. If you have multiple children, please select ‘add another child’ and enter their details in exactly the same way.

6. Once you have added all of your children, click on ‘go to parent’.

Screenshot 1 v2.PNG
Create a Team Up account
Create a Team Up account 

1. Enter your name and select ‘next’.

2. Double check your details and select ‘get started.’ You will be presented with the schedule (calender).

(See screenshot 3).

N.b. at this point, you will be sent x2 emails. The first, from TeamUp asking you to confirm your email address. The second, from Tri Swim School Team Up Admin, confirming that your account has been set up.


3. In the schedule, navigate to the correct class start date (the upcoming Sunday), select, ‘begin a new reservation,’ (to book the class ongoing) NOT view class passes. Or, if you have already purchased a class pass it will say book now, don’t click this either! (See screenshot 4).

4. You will be prompted to fill in emergency contact details for your child.

N.b. At this point, you will be sent an email to confirm that emergency contact details have been submitted.

Screenshot 3 v2.png

Screenshot 3: The Schedule (calendar)

Screenshot 4: Begin a new reservation

Step 2: Create an account for yourself

Purchase your swimming lessons

Pro-rated payment


Swimming lessons are booked by purchasing a ‘class pass', which is an annual pass which enables you to reserve your child's place in one of our classes on an ongoing basis. Payment is taken via direct debit on the 1st of every month (for 11 months of the year, skipping August each year). At the point of sign up, you will pay a pro-rated amount depending on when in the month you join, so you only pay for the lessons you have. The following month and for each further month, you will pay £54.81 in the 2021-2022 academic year. The class pass is valid for whichever class your child joins and subsequently progresses to. You can manage your payments yourself in your Team Up booking account. 

Screenshot 5: Select a class pass

Screenshot 6: Purchase your class pass

Class Pass

Step 3: Purchasing the class pass

1. Once you have created your accounts and you have filled in your emergency contact details (see step 5 above), you will be presented with a screen that describes the TSS swim school class pass. (See screenshot 5).

2. At this point, you should ‘check’ the box that states ‘£54.81 per month 3 billing cycle commitment, then continues one cycle at a time,’ and click ‘duration.’

3. On the next page, leave the start date as it is and leave the open ended cycle selected and click ‘purchase.’ (See screenshot 6).

4. This will take you to ‘go cardless’ where you enter your bank account details for the direct debit. Enter your details and click ‘select direct debit’. For ease, select the option that you are the only one required to authorise direct debits on this account.

Yippee - Your child is now registered for their class pass and that's all you ever need to do!

To book a class pass for another child, go to schedule, click on the correct class, in the black drop down box, select your other child and repeat the process.

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