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Open Water Swimming Skills Sessions

Group & Private Coaching

Friendly open water swimming coaching sessions with like minded people, suitable for beginner and intermediate adult and junior triathletes and open water swimmers.  Whether you've anxious about getting into the open water for the first time, open water swimming for pleasure, or you're a seasoned triathlete looking to improve your race times and get that age group podium finish, our expert coaching will make you swim more comfortably, much faster and make you learn to love the open water! 

Annie  will help you feel more confident getting your face in the water and dealing with this new environment. She'll teach you how to swim straight and with efficient technique while kayaking next to you. You'll wear a waterproof headset so she can give you pointers as you swim.  Perfect for beginner or more competitive swimmers.

Feeling a little anxious about getting in the open water for the first time or could do with a little fresher? Come and join our friendly session and pick up some tips to swim safely in this new environment.

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