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1:1 Open Water Swimming Coaching 

We'd love to help your child transition into open water, triathlon, aquathlon or biathlon. 1:1 or private group open water sessions can be a great way to improve confidence for beginners and swimming speed for more experienced swimmers. 


We will help your child feel more confident getting their face in the water and dealing with this new environment. They'll learn safety skills and how to sight properly to swim in a straight line. They'll improve their technique while your coach paddles next to them in a kayak. Your child must be able to swim 50m on their front and tread water competently before trying open water swimming. We have coached numerous Regional and National Open Water Swimmers as well as Channel Solo and Relay Teams. We've also coached the current Under 21 European Champion to success from age 14 and he's now racing pro!


We've also helped thousands of adult swimmers get started and improve their open water swimming over the past 15 years. If you'd like to know more please visit our sister site Tri Swim Coaching

Sessions are held at the Oxford Wakeboard & Ski Centre.

Expert Friendly Coaching

Sessions can include:

  • Safety skills

  • Sighting to swim straight

  • Breathing & Exhalation 

  • Arm recovery 

  • Catch mechanics & improving propulsion for less effort

  • Enhancing stroke rate / arm turnover

  • Kick technique for open water swimming

  • How to train in the open water 

  • Sign off so your child can swim alone at the lake

Triatholon Swimmers
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