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Baby & Pre-School Lessons

Would you like your baby, infant, toddler or pre-school child to learn to love the water? Would you like to learn how to take them swimming safely in a small, personalised class?


Discovery Ducklings is a fun and effective programme for introducing parents or carers with young children to the exciting world of aquatics and has been developed to teach children through ‘song & rhyme’ within a fun swimming session. 

Swimming actions are performed to familiar tunes that children enjoy. The instructions use simple words with repetition for easy understanding and enjoyment and teach parents the correct supporting and positioning of their child in the pool so you've got the skills to take your child swimming independently. 


Our experienced teachers ensure children progress at their own speed in a fun and supportive environment. Our age bands are just a guide, when your child is ready we will move them up to the next stage. 

Our 30 minute lessons are suitable for children aged 3 months to age 4 and are held Abingdon School, Kingfisher School in Abingdon and The Gourmet Goart Farmer near Marlborough. We also offer non-parent lessons in our Swim School for children age 3+.

Dad and infant swimming_edited.jpg
Baby 3-12 Months & parent

A gentle introduction to the water for children just starting out on their swimming journey. Baby is held close by you at all times as they start to learn to have fun in this new environment. Skills include getting comfortable with drips of water on the face, floating and being relaxed together in the water. We do not force you to submerge your child like some other providers of baby water sessions. Dads are welcome!

Discovery Ducklings 1

Infant 1-2 Years & parent

Your little one starts to splash about and move in the water with your support at all times, while still enjoying lots of fun and games in the water. Skills include floating, turning, splashing, holding the side and entering the water into your arms from a seated position.

2 year old and mum.jpeg

Discovery Ducklings 2

Toddler Swimming copy_edited.jpg
Toddler 2-3 Years & parent

Discovery Ducklings 3

New found skills are practiced and gently advanced at their own pace. Your little one will start to gain much more confidence, learning to move the water and starting to swim with your assistance and swimming aids. Lessons are still kept varied and fun to keep your active toddler entertained! 

Pre-School 3-4 Years

Discovery Ducklings 4

Children start to show signs of swimming, some progress to having a go by themselves, without parents in the water! Skills such as pushing off the wall to start using a horizontal body position and retrieving objects from underwater are learned in a fun and safe way. This is a great class to gain confidence before joining our popular Swimming School when your child turns 4. 

Girls Swimming Underwater
Weekly Lessons

Monthly Flexible Payment Terms

Our lessons are held every week throughout the year except over Christmas. Lessons cost £16.50 per lesson, which will be taken automatically on the 1st of each month for the number of lessons running in that month (usually 4-5/month).

If your work schedule o childcare arrangements change that's no problem at all. You can cancel at any time giving us four weeks notice in writng by email. We take a deposit of your last four weeks lessons payment (£66) when you sign up, so once you cancel you will not be charged anything else and can attend the remaining four lessons. We will always try and find you a space in an alternative class if you need it. 

Class Fully Booked?

Join our waiting list

We are a popular swim school and many of our classes are constantly full. You'll see class availability on our online booking page and a link to join the waiting list if the class you want to sign up to is full. Please do this as you'll then be the first to be notified when a space becomes available once a child has progressed to the next level.

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